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Advertising with MyLifeSports

Our individual sport home pages, sport keyword definitions, sport related components, shared links, articles, and member profile pages allow you to target specific demographics, sports, topics, and individuals to market your services and products. This helps ensure that your advertisements are relevant to who is viewing them.

Advertise by Sport

Advertise by Sport is our most popular marketing option. With over 30,000 featured sport selections from within the USA and over 265 countries to select from, this allows your advertisement to be viewed on the home page of the sport and sport identification you choose as well as on the pages on any articles, teams, fan clubs, Featured Video & Articles, Featured Content & Blogs, Sport Terms & Keywords, Links Shared by Members and Classifieds/MarketPlace related to that sport. The advertising placement home page options can be found in our Sports Tab – Select a Sport feature where you can choose from our General Sports, Special Olympics, Sports by Gender/Age, Sports by Country, Olympics/Paralympics, United States College/University Sports, International College / University Sports / Sports by High School or Olympics / Paralympics Sports. Advertising by sport provides the maximum exposure throughout the site. Bonus : Your selected sport home page advertisement will also appear on the following tabs and subsequent content pages: (1) Featured Video & Articles (2) Featured Content & Blogs (3) Polls (4) Links Shared by Members (5) Sport Connections & Keywords (6) Classifieds / Market Place (7) Recruiting (8) Videos and (9) Photos.

Advertise on Members' Profiles

You can specifically advertise on Member’s profiles. Select the Member profile(s) you wish to advertise on by going to Create Advertisement and selecting from our  Member Profile list.

Advertising on Teams, Fan Clubs and Personal Home Pages

Bonus: When you select a “sport” to place an advertisement, Teams, Fan Clubs and Personal Home Pages identified with that sport will also feature your advertisement

Advertisement Insertions

• You can order one or multiple insertions. There are no competing rotations with other advertisements. Minimum term is seven days that can be selected consecutively or randomly depending upon availability. Please refer to your sport of interest's “calendar” of available dates found by choosing a sport to advertise on.

Alternative Options

• If you are interested in (1) representation by your agency for a client and receiving a copy of our Media Agency Advertising Fee Agreement or (2) offering services and products to our members (including any of those mentioned in our Advertising Assistance Platforms) or (3) our Reciprocal Media Bartering opportunities, contact us at mlshelp@optimum.net



Use MLS from a public relations prospective, an opportunity to engage and display appreciation (“giving back”) to your fans and consumers by sponsoring their sports legacies.

• To secure additional information on the use of this feature, please click on our FAQ link; you will be directed to our FAQ Glossary; click on any of the following sources: Advertising, Advertisement/Sponsorship Pricing or Advertising Assistance.       

   • If you require additional assistance, please forward your request to mlshelp@optimum.net or