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What are Personalized Home Pages?

MLS is offering personalized sport home page opportunities for its members where you can select a sport and sport category from over 30,000 sport selections or create a personal identification of your own from our 5 million sport connections and keywords. MLS offers the following options.

Option (1) Members have the option of having personal identified sport and sport related home pages. You can include your identification which is currently the name of the home page (Examples: Jeff Gamer; ABC Sport Doctors, Hometown Baseball), and logo. Features include a link back to your profile and the ability to submit articles, videos, photos, services, products and related content to Featured Video & Articles, Featured Content & Blogs, SportsWire, Spotlight, Events, Movers & Shakers, Polls, Classifieds/Marketplace, Recruiting, Terms & Keywords and Links Shared by Members. Additional features include Invite Friends and Share with Members. You can select and create one or multiple home pages and share with over 360 social networks, MLS’ social links, professional organizations…. and more!

These personalized home page options will be identical in format to the home pages that exist on our site with the exception of the name change.

Beginning at only 10cents/day* you have the opportunity to select from the following Option (1) choices:

For Option (1) please select by clicking on the box next to your choice(s).

For about only 25 cents/day* you have the ability to self-administrative your personalized home page.

Option (2)

This option is for Members who prefer to have a personal identified sport home page with (a) Their self-administrative control over all content that is submitted (b) The ability to change titles and usage for our Membership features that are listed in Option (1)

Members can select and create one or multiple home pages. (1) No one else can post on this sport home page without your approval. (2) You are allowed to include an external link in the event you have an existing website. (3) These options include your name and link back to your profile. (4) Members will be able to select content from their profile and transfer it to this feature. (5) Your Personal Home Page will be viewable in our Sports Feature with its own tab and searchable by home page name, and by alphabetical order. (6) The Administrator of the site will need to approve additional member participation

Please note: These personalized home page options will be identical in format to the home pages that exist on our site unless specified differently above. Members will have their personal administrative control to submit, edit and archive the content. If you need assistance please contact mylifesports@optimum.net.

Option (3) If you prefer, MLS can provide customized featured personalized home pages through a fee-based arrangement.

By clicking the 'Submit' button below it will provide you the opportunity to briefly state what you are looking to create under Option (3). We will send you an email confirming that we received your request and will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

You must be a member to participate in our Personalized Home Page options. Register Now

If you need assistance please contact mylifesports@optimum.net