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Fee-Based and Free Services in Development

(1) Advertising placement and sponsorship locations from over 30,000 sport home pages with 270,000 placement options through our self-serve and company assisted marketing platforms. Additional personalized, family legacy and member sport home pages can be created from our sport selections and from over 5 million sport terms and keywords and account identifications, which for each will create 9 more advertisement and sponsorship placement opportunities. These will be further enhanced by member language interpretations other than English for all of our features.

Follow the procedures to place advertisements (Use the Ways to Advertise, How to Advertise, Advertising Formats, Advertisement Pricing and Create Advertisement directions).

(2) Go to Advertising Assistance to select our alternative media placement options and budget considerations offering 25 platforms.

(3) Advertising on Member’s Personalized Sport Home Pages You can specifically advertise on Member’s personalized sport home pages, which options include: Sport Home Page, Team, Sport Health & Fitness, Professional Services, Philanthropy, Business, State, Coaching, Country, Olympics, Paralympics, Special Olympics, School or High School, USA or International College and University Sport Home Pages.

(4) Creation of Coaches Home Pages. Go to the Media Kit and click on Create Coaching Page

(5) For Advertising on Member’s Profiles, you can specifically advertise on the profiles of members. This option allows you to reach out to athletes and members associated with sports in your sport(s) of interest.

(6) For Advertising on Teams and Fan Clubs once you select the sport to promote your services and products it will appear on all team and fan club pages.

(7) For Self – Administrative Sport Home Pages go to the Personalized Sport Home Page Link found in the Media Kit. This option allows you to control the content for your personalized sport or sport-related home page.

(8) For Self – Administrative Family Legacy Home Pages go to the Create Family Home Page Link found in the Media Kit.

(9) Our Teams Feature Gold Membership. Contact mlshelp@optimum.net for assistance

(10) Go to Exclusive Blogging in our Media Kit to select the sport and blogging feature you would like to be exclusively yours, select from over 30,000 sport selections and their respective home pages. For the following services and products please contact mlshelp@optimum.net for assistance.

(11) Go to the Tech and Business Services Services link found at the bottom of each page to view our 30 service and product platforms, including but not limited to Web Design, Application Development and Internet Business Development. For assistance: mlshelp@optimum.net

(12) Licensing and Intellectual Partnership considerations of Customized Country, State, organization or other entity use of MLS platforms, please contact mlsachokov@optimum.net.

(13) Corporate or Exclusive Sponsorships Sponsorships will be available on any of the more than 30,000 sport home pages, appealing to all segments of the marketplace, benefiting from our sport industry-targeted content offerings. Advertisers will have the option of creating their own micro sites to build relationships with their audience. Contact mlsachokov@optimum.net

(14) To Explore Individual Member or Team Customized Plansin public relations, branding, article submissions, contact introductions, press releases and alternative promotional services for its members, please contact mlshelp@optimum.net for assistance.

(15) Exclusive Development of Individual Sports and creation of other venues utilizing the MLS platform, please contact mlsachokov@optimum.net.

(16) Development of “customized” MLS versions for states, countries, teams, sponsors, organizations… and more. Contact mlsachokov@optimum.net

(17) Options to organize videos and still shots for social networking and career developing opportunities in which voiceovers and background music will bring real-life to this kind of sport content … we can create a content “tagging scheme” that would make these events easily searchable. Contact mlshelp@optimum.net

(18) Services in video editing, commercials with member selected text. Videos, photos and music; instructional videos, graphic design, video production, new product launches, training videos, videography and photography, including single player and team presentations. Contact mlshelp@optimum.net for assistance.

Please Note: (1) If you have a concept, service or product that you believe would be of interest to our members or (2) would like to offer your suggestions on any of the above features or (3) if you are interested in discussing original fee-based options not offered above please contact mlsachokov@optimum.net.

If you are interested in (1) representation by your agency for a client and receiving a copy of our Media Agency Advertising Fee Agreement or (2) offering your services and products to our members (including any of those mentioned in our Advertising Assistance Platforms) or (3) our Reciprocal Media Bartering opportunities, contact us at mlsachokov@optimum.net.