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Creating Your Own Team Legacy Home Page

MLS is offering Team Sports Legacy Home Page opportunities for its members who would like to have an exclusive home page representing their sports teams.

Option (1) You can include your team name identification which will be the name of the home page (Examples: The New York Lions).

Features include a link back to each team member’s profile and sports profile and the ability to submit articles, videos, photos, services, products and related content to Featured Video & Articles, Featured Content & Blogs, Events, and Links Shared by Members. Additional features include Invite Friends/Teammates. You can further share with over 360 social networks, fellow members… and more! This personalized team sport legacy home page will be similar in format to our sport home pages that exist on our site with the following exceptions

a. Team name identification (ex. The New York Lions) b. An Administrator of the site will need to approve team member participation c. No one else other than team members can post on this legacy sport home page without the administrator’s approval. d. Your Team Legacy Sport Home Page will be viewable in our Sports Feature with its own tab and searchable by team name, and by alphabetical order. e. Members will be able to select content from their profile and transfer it to this feature f. An area describing the Team History

Option(2) If you prefer, MLS can provide customized featured team legacy home pages through a fee-based arrangement.

Pricing: Option (1) Team Home Pages are priced at $10.00/month*

*(A one year subscription will be required and paid when the order is submitted). Please note: Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you request cancelation 15 days before the renewal date. There will be no refunds once ordered.

These options will be available in April 2013. To indicate your interest in having either of these opportunities created for you, please send your request to mlshelp@optimum.net. Include your name, Administrator’s name if known, team name in which the page will be titled and contact information. We will notify you as soon as this feature is operational.

If you have any suggestions how this feature should be represented and enhanced for team members, please contact us at mlshelp@optimum.net

Team Name(ie The New York Lions)


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