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Internet Sports Site Marketing: A Whole New Ball Game

The Internet is reshaping the sports marketing landscape and MLS offers a spectrum of engagement opportunities by offering fans the ability to participate with instant access to their favorite sports…. locally, nationally and internationally; with instant access to athletes, teams, professionals related to sport activities and hundreds of thousands in interactive features…in their languages and countries of choice.

For sport service providers, MLS provides the opportunity to reach sports fans with purchasing power. This is an ideal environment for showcasing your brand, services and products, connecting with your target audience on an emotional sport level in the sport, athlete and/or categories of choice.

According to Plunkett Research, LTD’s sports industry ad spend overview 435 billion was spent in 2012. (Excerpt)

The sports business means many different things to different people. This is a truly global industry, and sports stir up deep passion within spectators and players alike in countries around the world. To one person, sports are a venue for gambling; to another, they are a mode of personal recreation and fitness, be it skiing, cycling, running or playing tennis. To business people, sports provide a lucrative and continually growing marketplace worthy of immense investments.

To athletes, sports may lead to high levels of personal achievement, and to professionals, sports can bring fame and fortune. To facilities developers and local governments, sports are a way to build revenue from tourists and local fans. Sports are deeply ingrained in education, from elementary through university levels.

Perhaps we cannot state with confidence that sports enrich the lives of all of us, but they certainly entertain a huge swath of the world’s population. In addition to economic impact, the largest single effect that sports create is that of gripping entertainment: hundreds of millions of fans around the globe follow sports daily, whether via radio, television, printed publications, online or in person, as spectators or participants.

EMarketer estimates that US advertising revenues at sports-related Websites will reach $1.1 billion in 2011, up from $407 million in 2006. As a percentage of overall sports advertising, the Internet’s share will double to 10% by 2011, up from 4.9% in 2006.

Sports Marketing

The Sporting goods and market industry far exceeds $200B annually and according to Lisa Delpy Neirotti, associate professor of tourism and sport management at George Washington Univ.’s business school, the sports travel market is a to $182B a year business.

According to Ad Age - Sport related companies like Gatorade is also expanding its idea of who is an athlete, looking to surfers, gymnasts and skateboarders. In the past, the brand has focused on traditional sports and leaned more male than female. Gatorade’s research indicates it has a 27% penetration among the 68 million performance athletes it has traditionally focused on, and just 12% penetration among the 55 million fitness athletes it is now setting sites on.

According to the Sports Executives Association (SEA), 71.3% of sports professionals say they are constantly looking for ways to improve their results in the industry, and 91.5% say they would like to have a stronger network, especially with top level sports executives.

Sport Activity Facts

  • The current US population is almost 310.6 million and 90% of the youth in the USA participate in some form of sport activity. (Source: The US Census Bureau.)
  • There are 23.6 million people in the United States who play some form of professional sports. (Source: Answers.com)
  • The National Council of Youth Sports membership has over 44 million boys & girls who are participating in youth sports and 60 million members overall. (Source: The National Council of Youth Sports Company Profile)
  • Gatorade’s research indicates there are 68 million performance athletes and 55 million fitness athletes. (Source: Gatorade Press Release 2010)
  • There are 7 billion human being and over 2.3 billion participate in some form of sport activity. (Source: The US Census Bureau)
  • Baby boomers (ages 50 – 74) are a generation of 78 million strong and their interest is an active lifestyle in sports and fitness. (Source: Colin Miner, Founder and CEO of the Council on Active Aging).

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