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Exclusive Sport Home Page “Blogger” Feature

For members who would prefer to be the exclusive “Blogger” for any of our Sport Home Pages you have the following options.

MyLifeSports.net requires a minimum “Blogger” placement of seven days for each order. They can be placed consecutively or randomly in your choice of days or month(s). There are no restrictions as to the number of Blogging Features or dates members can place. Pricing is based on a tiered structure as noted below.

Tier 1*


This Tier includes professional sport teams, country sports, and Sports that are considered both categories and sports (a complete list of which can be found here)

Tier 2:


This includes all sports classified by Gender/AgeID, Special Olympic sports, all sports not listed in tier 1.

All contributing content will be submitted through the Members Management Account.


All costs are based on single placements. Minimum blogger placement is seven days. Member’s content will be posted immediately on the days/weeks/months selected and will be identified by a public calendar for each sport as to available dates. Blogger members will get an email automatically 24 hours before their exclusive rights are about to expire.

Select the dates where you would like to post your blog (7 Day Minimum)

Select the dates you would like your advertisement to appear on from the calendar. You must select at least seven days. The dates or month can be in any order.