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• The “My Account” feature is where you can create and update all of your personal information, including but not limited to your Name, Contact Information, Profile Picture, Messengers, Location and Account Information, Languages Spoken and Read, Email and SMS Alerts, Security options, Personal description, Bio, Other Talents and Goals. You can also add multiple sports and sport related profiles as well as profiles for your children who are under the age of thirteen.

Important: The information you post on the My Account will automatically become part of your Profile page.

Please Note:Although it is recommended you respond to as many questions for interacting, making connections and establishing your sports legacy, submitting to all of the questions is not a requirement.

Timeline Feature

• To start creating , sharing and preserving your sports legacy proceed to our Timeline Feature link to submit your content, videos, articles and pertinent information of your sport and sport related activities, highlights, events, awards, testimonials, educational achievements… and more, in your preferred languages.

Manage Articles

• Also on the Timeline Feature you can use the Manage Articles link, which provides you the opportunity to delete or edit any articles that you have submitted from your Profile page within the Blue Link titled Articles, located under View User’s Content. There you can write an article, view articles you have written and articles written about you.

Manage Videos

You can use the and Manage Video Link to edit or delete any videos you have submitted from your Profile Page in the Blue link titled Videos located under View User’s Content. From there you can upload a video from your computer or embed it from You Tube.

Manage Photos

You can use the Manage Photos link, which provides you the opportunity to upload photos, use your webcam option, view as a slide show, import an Instagram Feed, edit and delete photos you have submitted from your Profile Page in the link titled Photos

Family Account

• You have the option of selecting a Family Account which is for Parents, Guardians, or other Legal Caregivers by adding your children. As a Family Account you can create an update of your child's profile just like you would your own profile. Profiles created by Family for their children can only be modified through the Family account

Sport Profile Creation

Create as many profiles as you wish by identifying all of your sport(s) and clicking on the Select Your Sports link that features 30,000 sport selections. Your Select a Sport includes eight options to choose from (General Sports, Special Olympics, Sports by Gender/Age, Sports by Country, USA Colleges/Universities, International Colleges/Universities, Sports by High School, Olympics/Paralympics).

Once you have made your choice by clicking on the desired sport tab and sport category, it will take you to that sports home page where you can contribute content from your profile, in your languages of choice. Your profile information that has already been completed will automatically be copied onto your other sport profiles. Each can be edited.

Personalized Home Pages

• Select from the Personalized HP link to create Personalized Home Pages. Options include home page options for yourself, Sport, Business, Team, Health & Fitness, Professional, State, Country, School, High School, USA or International College/University, Olympic, Paralympic or Special Olympic.

Family Home Page

• Select the Family Home Page link if you are interested in having an exclusive home page for your family.

Coaching Home Page

• Select the Coaching HP link if you are a coach. Here you can select a sport and sport category from over 30,000 sport selections or create a personal identification of your own from our 4 million sport terms and keywords.

Exclusive Blogging

• Select the Exclusive Blogging link if you would like to be the “exclusive blogger” for any of our 30,000 sport selections.

My Classifieds

• Select the My Classifieds link to view any classifieds you have posted in any of the 30,000 sport home pages under the Classifieds/MarketPlace tab. There you can view classifieds and create a classified

My Recruiting

• Select the My Recruiting link to view postings by a member; its creation date and its purpose.. for college recruiting, job market or seeking employment. To post on this feature go to any of our 30,000 sport home pages. You can also click on the Recruiting Tab to submit your information relative to this feature

Fee Based Services

• Select the Fee Based Services link to view options offered to members and how to secure additional information on each.


• Select the Philanthropy link and it will direct you to the Sports Philanthropy Home Page. Utilizing our “tabs” you can post your Featured Videos & Articles, Create content in our Featured Content & Blogs tab, Create a Poll, View Sports Connections & Keywords, Contribute and view Links Shared by Members, Create Classifieds in our Classifieds/Marketplace feature, Create a Recruiting Need, Post Videos and Photos.

You can choose to Follow this page and be notified by (your choice) of email or sms. Share with your social networks, Invite Friends, Import Articles and Share With Members by selecting the appropriate links on this page.

The MLS Sports Philanthropy Project provides a Privacy Statement for this feature on this page.

Our members are the lifeblood of Mls... and in our continued support of sport competition we will donate a portion of our advertising revenue to Sports Philanthropy, Grants, Scholarships and Disabled Sport related Charities.

Advanced Search

You can utilized any of our internal searches that include

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  • Member Criteria Search * Article Search * Team Search * Fan Club Search
  • Sports Connections & Keywords

Our General Search is located near the top right corner of this page.

• The icons to the left of the Advanced Search link include “Print” allows you to print the page you are viewing. “Email” to a friend and “Add a Favorite” Link where you can add the webpage you are currently viewing as a favorite. To access your favorites, visit your Favorites Center (the Favorites Center is a function of your browser and not a service of MLS.). Following the directions as posted.

Select Your Sports

• Choose the Select Your Sports link to create profiles for all of your sport activities. From here you have the following opportunities: Submit an article, a video, Add a Sport, creat your personalized, which include home page options for yourself, Sport, Business, Team, Health & Fitness, Professional, State, Country, School, High School, USA or International College/Univerisity, Olympic, Paralymic or Special Olympic. family, coaching or exclusive blogger sport home pages.
You can also select the keywords and account that best describes your affiliation to the sports you select

Your Account Settings

• Select the identification that best describes you prefer from the Account Settings scroll bar. To save your changes, click on the Save All Changes link at the bottom of the page.

Important Note: The information you post on the My Account will automatically become part of your Profile page.

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• To secure additional information on the use of this feature, please click our FAQ link; you will be directed to our FAQ Glossary; click on My Account

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