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Future Features

Future Features

MyLifeSports.net in its effort to continuously evolve is developing the following free and optional fee-based features:

  • Coaching Tips, Videos and Drills, Games, Camps, Tournaments and Clinics
  • Consignment, Auction & Memorabilia
  • Intellectual Partnerships
  • MlSZOO
  • Online Games & Contests
  • Sponsored Contests
  • Sport Bloopers
  • Sporting Event Tickets
  • Sport Fashions & Entertainment
  • Sports Genealogy
  • Sports Mall
  • Sport Models for Events and Hosting
  • Sports Money (Funding – venture capital, private equity, merger, acquisition, intellectual capital exchange or debt)
  • Sports Radio Broadcasts
  • Sport Travel & International Sport Dating
  • Upgraded Membership and Team options

Affiliate Partnerships (Currently: Sports Authority; Reebok; Foot Locker; Soccer.com; Golfsmith Golf & Tennis; AllPosters.com; Archives.com; esportsonline.com; beRecruited.com; Barnes & Nobel; Microsoft Store and USA Today; with additional sources being considered.)

National and international platform for sport press releases with accessibility to over 1.4 Million Journalists, bloggers and media outlets

Options to organize videos and still shots for social networking and career developing opportunities in which voiceovers and background music will bring real-life to this kind of sport content … Creating a content “tagging scheme” that would make these events easily searchable

Pending partnership with AdNetwork.net; representing over 1,000 direct, international advertisers to geo-target sport advertisers to our site

MlS will be developing niche-oriented and customized social/business networking sites; utilizing derivatives and principals of our current platform applicable to venues such as the performing arts, financial industry, politics, sport related organizations, religious organizations….and more.

(Fee-Based or free services and products will be determined when offered)

If you have a concept, service or product that you believe would be of interest to our members or would like to offer your suggestions on any of the above features, please contact us at mlsachokov@optimum.net.

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